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Bene Ha Elohim
Sons of God

A Novel 
by K. T. Hehir and C. J. Hehir

We are unpublishing our novel from Amazon Kindle, hence we're saving the following feedback for our records. We can no longer support Amazon for moral and ethical reasons. 

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Bene Ha Elohim, Sons of God - A Novel [Kindle Edition] K. T. Hehir (Author), C. J. Hehir (Author)

Customer Reviews of the 2012 Kindle version

July 28, 2012 
By Nance 1201 
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I really enjoyed this book and want to read it again, but slowly. The book provides much food for thought. While it is fiction, there is also a lot of truth in it. I highly recommend this book.
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July 22, 2012 
By Kelly 
This is a truely eye opening book. I will be reading it many time as there is so much to learn from it. I only had one problem with it, the unnessasary need for so many big words to describe things when the smaller versions would have made the reading so much more enjoyable. I spent a lot of time trying to identifiy the meanings when I would rather have spent it enjoying the book. I do however wish the authors had written more books like this one.
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