About the Book

Bene Ha Elohim 
Sons of God 

 A Novel
by K. T. Hehir and C. J. Hehir

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Bene Ha Elohim, Sons of God  is a fictional tale about faith and love. In the Christian Paranormal / Fantasy / Science Fiction genre, it is set against the backdrop of the Tribulation Hour. 

The premise of this novel revolves around a battle for the soul of Mishael between the heavenly powers – the Holy Angels of the Lord led by Michael, and the Fallen Angels and Nephilim led by Lucifer. 

Mishael is the newly-created half angel, and much-loved pupil of the Archangels, Michael and Gabriel, who are training him in the ways of spiritual warfare. As he grows in prowess and skill, Mishael becomes a formidable threat to Lucifer, who orders his minions to thwart his unique mission at all costs. The race for Mishael's soul commences, putting all the angels' faiths to the test. 

As the battle rages between the forces of the Lord's triumvirate of holy angels – Michael, Gabriel and Mishael, and those of the unholy troika of Antichrist, False Prophet and Lucifer, enemy lines start to become blurred climaxing in loyalties being questioned. 

Although written as a fictional piece, the novel also discusses the following issues:- 
 contemporary geo-political issues including the global financial crisis, globalism, currency crisis, the  Occupy movements, rise of the surveillance and cashless society; 
 cults and heresies; 
 post-modernism and moral relativism; 
 cultural wars and environmental issues; 
 churchianity, ecumenicalism and apostasy; 
 exstence of evil, pain and suffering; 
 prophecy; 
 spiritual warfare; 
 transhumanism / metahumanism; 
 Israel, Middle East, jihad, the Arab Spring, the Muslim Brotherhood; 
 doctrine of angels; 
 doctrine of demons; 
 doctrine of heaven and hell; 
 doctrine of salvation; 
 doctrine of the Endtimes: Rapture, Tribulation, Millennial Reign of Jesus Christ. 

The authors aim to be politically incorrect, hence there is bound to be something to offend everybody. They do not pretend to provide all the answers to the issues stated above as readers do not want to be spoon fed, but they hope that the issues will generate some healthy discussion. Ultimately their aim is to point to the Lord Jesus Christ as the key to understanding all of life’s issues. Their novel is also a deliberate effort to offer an alternative to the popular culture of vampirism, witchcraft, lycanthropy and metahumanism, saturating the media and books that are targeted at the youth market. It is also offered as an apologetics and evangelistic tool for the Body of Christ. This is a free resource.  

© 2010, 2011, by K. T. Hehir and C. J. Hehir
Second edition © 2012
ISBN 978-0-473-21714-3 (Hardcover version)
ISBN 978-0-473-22193-5 (Paperback version)
ISBN 978-0-473-21716-7 (Kindle)
ISBN 978-0-473-21715-0 (EPUB)
Approximately 488 pages
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