Feedback from A Happy Reader

The following feedback is from Danielle Essenhigh of South Africa (who read the 2012 e-pub version). It is reproduced with her permission:

Thank you for the reply.

My sister downloaded it (Bene ha Elohim, Sons of God) from another source not sure of the name. I only discovered your blog in Friday after trying to find out if there were any other books like this. [Parenthesis added.]

Regarding your new edited book I will download it from your blog once it has been uploaded.

Thank you for publishing this book. I could hardly put it down.

Like I said, I have truly enjoyed it. It has become one of my new favourite books.

Do you know how hard it is to fine another book similar to this. I have been looking for others like this but everything has fallen short of the standard that you have set.

The info which you have given in the book is so clear and easy to understand. For me it reveals how so many of us have been asleep and have not noticed that while we carry on as if nothing has change Satan has been busy. It is time that the church wakes up and be counted.

Your book has lifted my Spirit. I look forward to the coming of our Lord with great eagerness.

To GOD be the Glory, Great things he hath done!!!


Thanks, Danielle, for your lovely feedback. May God be praised and glorified.

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